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Business phone systems can be a massive expense for businesses of any size. We can help make getting a new phone system simple, with an all-inclusive package from one of our associated phone systems providers. A phone system rental plan is a great way to minimize capital outlay. Renting is also a great choice if you are moving in the near future, looking into new or different technology or have a rapidly expanding business.

Rental phone systems are suitable for businesses of any size, but are an excellent choice for growing small to medium businesses due to their flexibility.

Common questions:

  • How long are business phone systems rental contracts?

    All provides have a minimum contract term is 3 months but after that period you are free from contracts. Most phone system providers understand that long commitment periods are impractical and aim to provide a flexible solution that suits your business.

  • What is the cost of installation?

    The cost of installation is dependent on the size and type of your system. We work with qualified and highly skilled technicians to help you get your equipment installed quickly and in the most cost-effective way. You can include your installation costs in your rental payments or make payment at the time of installation - it’s completely up to you.

  • What happens if I need more handsets?

    That’s not a problem! Most providers will let you expand your business phone system at any time. Your rental agreement will continue with the additional handset costs and any additional installation work that may be required. The rental agreement means you can be flexible with the size of your system without any hassles.


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No system in place
Standard phone system
VoIP/SIP phone system


Is it right for you?

  • Low cost solution
  • Great choice for businesses of all sizes
  • Pay month-to-month
  • Flexible set up
  • No initial outlay required
Rent Business Phone Systems

Don't forget about:

  • Office headsets
  • Security + CCTV
  • System Installation
  • Server Cabinet + Cabling Supplies