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Second hand phone systems can be a great way for businesses to save money on getting a new phone system. While a used phone may not sound appealing, all handsets and systems are cleaned, tested and refurbished with new buttons, curly cords and other external parts to ensure the phone system is hygienic and looks like new. All that is really used in most cases, is the internal components of the system and handset.

We work with a network of businesses across Australia to ensure you get the best value for money second hand phone system. Simply fill out the form below and we’ll connect you with the provider that can give you the most suitable solution for your business.

Common questions:

  • Why should I chose a second hand phone system?

    Second hand phone systems are still great quality systems at a fraction of the cost. All of our associated businesses provide a 90 day warranty so you can be confident your system is not only in working order, but reliable. We can also help arrange installation so you’ll know your system has been properly installed.

  • Does using a second hand phone system mean I will miss out on features?

    Definitely not! Second hand doesn’t mean out of date. Second hand phone systems still have all of the features you need including voicemail, music on hold and the systems support all line types (SIP, VOIP, ISDN etc).

  • What type of second hand phone systems are available?

    We have access to suppliers right across Australia, meaning we can locate a wide range of second hand phone systems suitable for your business. We can access most phone system brands and sizes with authorized dealers.

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Refurbished Second Hand Phone Systems