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Searching through hundreds of different phone systems and providers can be time consuming and difficult. We’re a completely free service that connects you with the best Australian phone systems provider. No matter what your budget, size, or requirements we can help by putting you in touch with local specialists who understand what you need and want. We also provide technology solutions for businesses including security systems, headsets and much more.

Common questions:

  • What phone system do I need?

    There are many different phone system options including purchase or monthly rental plans and new or refurbished systems. New phone systems are usually equipped with more features and are more equipped for VoIP integration which be more costly. Rental or second hand phone systems are a great way to reduce outlay. Most phone system providers will provide you with customised handset, line and extension options for small, medium and large business phone systems based on your requests.

    • Do I buy or rent?

      A popular option for small and medium businesses is to rent their phone system as an all-in-one solution. This allows smaller businesses to get access to great features they desire, which may only available on newer phone systems. Many large businesses and corporations choose to buy their phone system outright, but rent options are available for businesses of any size. Renting can also be a great option if you want to upgrade or move in the near future as you eliminate the capital outlay of a more permanent solution, as many rental packages include optional extras like cabling in their monthly price.

    • Should I buy a new phone system?

      New phone systems can give your business access to amazing new technologies such as video conferencing and can integrate well with your unified communications solution. If you are unsure about what features you need, be sure to let the provider know so they can discuss what options would best suit your business.

    • What is VoIP? Do I need it?

      VoIP stands for Voice over IP. Instead of your phone calls being made over the traditional copper system, calls are made over your broadband connection.

      Many people believe that VoIP phone systems cas help their business save money. However, without having a provider check your current phone bills, there may not be enough savings to justify the cost of the equipment. Depending on your requirements, a hybrid phone system may be the answer. (A mix traditional telephony and VoIP.)

  • How much do phone systems cost?

    The cost of your phone system is based on:

    • What type of system you are getting (New, refurbished or VoIP)
    • If you are renting or buying outright
    • Which brand is the most suitable
    • What handsets and models meet your needs

    We're here to connect you with the best phone system providers. To find out how much a phone system would cost your business, get an obligation free quote by choosing the best option that suits your business below.

  • What features should I get?

    Each business has unique needs and should consider what features would help improve the productivity and professionalism of their business. Some of the most popular features for phone systems are:

    • Call hold
    • Paging
    • Headset compatible / handsfree
    • Voicemail
    • After hours attendant
    • Call transfer
    • Call recording
    • Speed dial
    • Music on hold
    • Conference calls

  • Can my phone system grow with my business?

    Absolutely! Many phone systems are now designed for up to 24 users, and some can accommodate hundreds and thousands of users. Something to let your phone system provider know is if you have multiple offices or remote workers you would like to connect to your phone system.

  • What phone systems work with the NBN?

    A common misconception is that all traditional telephony systems such as ISDN and PSTN systems will not work on the NBN and that only SIP/VoIP phone systems will work. Most traditional phone systems will still work when the NBN rolls out. However, it can be a great time to upgrade your existing phone system to take advantage of some of the fantastic new technologies available.

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