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There are so many questions when purchasing a new office headset which makes the task seem to be too confusing daunting. Should I get a corded or wireless headset? Monaural or binaural? Do I really need a USB headset? We've provided some answers below to our most common questions about headsets from customers to help guide you through the process. We work directly with leading brands such as Plantronics and Jabra, so we're up to date with the latest headset offerings and technology. We're confident we can help you find the perfect office headset at the right price.

Common headset questions:

  • Should I get a wireless headset or a corded headset?

    There is advantages to have both a wireless headset and a corded headset. Using a wireless headset means having the freedom to move away from your desk without having to end your call. Wireless headsets now have up to an incredible 150m range meaning you can continue your conversation while walking around the office, warehouse or even factory. Having a wireless headset doesn’t mean you miss out on sound quality so you will still have great sound with no cables.

    On the other hand the traditional Corded headset can be significantly cheaper than a wireless headset which can be great if you’re looking to save some money and never have the need to walk away from your desk while on a call. A great way to distinguish if you need a corded or wireless headset is to think about the number of times you have had to call someone back or put them on hold to go and find out information. If this is a regular occurrence for you a wireless headset is for you, if not it may pay off to go for the corded headset option.

  • What’s the difference between monaural or binaural headsets?

    Once you have chosen if you would like a corded or wireless headset the next step is choosing if you would like to go monaural or binaural. The monaural headsets cover one ear so they are best suited to people who still need to hear what’s going on around them or those who don’t spend long periods of time on the phone. Binaural headsets cover both ears and a great for blocking out noise. They are the best choice for people who are on the phone a lot or work in a noisy office.

  • Why choose a USB headset?

    USB Headsets are best for those who use their headsets for IP Telephony, Skype or use a softphone rather than a desk phone. If you are just using a normal desk phone USB headsets are an unnecessary expense.

  • Do I need any accessories for my wireless headset?

    To improve the use of your headset you may want to look into headset accessories. For example headset lifters which allow you to answer a call without touching your desk phone. There are also different cords to improve the functionality of your headset with your office phone.


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