Skype for Business + Microsoft Lync

Microsoft Lync will merge with Skype in late April 2015. This means Microsoft lync will become Skype for Business - the ultimate connectivity tool. By merging the products, there will be one communications and collaboration platform where employees can connect. Skype for Business has all the great features and security of Lync but with the familiar layout of Skype.

The upgrade will also include fantastic new features, including Skype Connect through Outlook. It will also connect Skype for Business users with any Skype user, whether or not they are part of their organization, allowing for cross-business collaboration.

Common questions:

  • What will change with Skype for business?

    Although all of the features of Skype for Business have not been made public yet we can confirm that Skype for business will have all of your favourite features from Microsoft Lync with the easy to use interface of Skype.

  • When will Skype for Business be launched?

    At the moment the expected launch date for Skype for Business is April 2015.

  • Some of my customers use Skype. Can I contact them using Skype for Business?

    The good news is with Skype for Business is that you can communicate with consumer Skype customers. This will make it easier to communicate with all of your customers seamlessly with not only instant message and audio calls but video calls as well.

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Skype for Business