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Do you have a phone system that you’ve purchased that needs installation? Maybe it’s time to upgrade your phone system with some new features? Is your phone system not working like it once was? Don’t stress! We can help by putting you in touch with a local business providing phone system installation or and technician who can get your system up and running as soon as possible. Simply fill out the form below and one of our experts will get a provider to contact you.

If you’ve already sent an enquiry about business phone systems to us, then you don’t need to fill out this form. We’ll help you arrange installation if you go ahead with one of our solutions.

Common questions:

  • How much does phone system installation cost?

    Phone system installation costs vary depending on the phone system being installed, your current set up and any additional system features. Contact us and we can calculate an approximate cost for your setup.

  • Will my technician show me how to use my new phone system?

    Cost of installation generally includes system training so you are comfortable using your new equipment. Some phone systems are provided with documentation, however most phone systems are exceptionally straightforward and easy to operate.

  • Will my phones be down while my new system in installed?

    The phones will have a small down time while the line changeover is taking place. It’s a good idea to provide priority clients with a separate number, such as a mobile, to call in case of emergency if they can’t get through. Most downtimes are very short and will not cause any real interruption to your business.

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Looking for phone systems?

If you're looking into phone systems, consider renting a phone system. It can be a great way to save money and make sure all of your costs are included in one low monthly payment.

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