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Large organisations need unique solutions that work with them, not against them. That’s why we offer solutions for corporate phone systems. These phone systems are designed to handle a large number of users and huge volumes of calls effortlessly and can be completely tailored to each organization's needs.

We can arrange for assistance with additional equipment and services to improve your new phone system experience including headsets, accessories, additional phone lines and phone words (1300 and 1800 numbers). Our team can also help with recommendations on how to reduce your call costs, meaning your phone system will pay for itself in savings over time. Simply fill out the form below, and we’ll put you in touch with a corporate phone systems expert.

Common questions:

  • We have multiple locations. Can our systems be connected?

    There are a range of different systems with multi-site connectability options. We can provide you with some information on calling plans to help keep your costs down.

  • How do I change my phone number to a 1300 number?

    Telstra Phone Words creates a 1300 number which is attached to your main phone number - so you don’t miss any calls. Once you have your new number activated, you can start using it straight away! Please let us know if the comments box if you would like more information on getting a Phone Words number.

  • How much downtime is there when my new system goes in?

    While your system is installed, there is a short downtime where you won’t be able to receive any calls. From ordering, depending on your system, location and stock availability the average time to receive your new phone system is 2 or 3 weeks. It’s a good idea to plan for the installation during this time and notify your priority clients and provide them with an emergency number, should they need to contact you on the day of and cannot reach your business. You may also wish to organise an after hours installation. This may incur an extra charge from the provider.

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Are you a large organisation?

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Is it right for you?

  • Designed for 80+ staff
  • Large call volumes
  • Complete solutions
  • Customised advice
  • Reduce your call costs
Corporate Phone Systems