Call Centre Phone Systems Enquiry

Setting up a call centre phone system is very different from setting up a standard business phone system. Call centre phone systems have certain requirements so they are able to handle the large number of calls and users. We are able to assist you with all aspects of your new set up including calling plans, phone systems, headsets and installation.

Common questions:

  • What can you assist me with?

    We can assist with with setting up all aspects for your call centre phone system. Starting with a business phone system which supports VoIP and SIP to help reduce call costs and increase the number of people able to make and receive calls at once. Our providers will also look at the best price calling plans for your business, headset solutions for your employees and call centre specific equipment like call recording and playback devices. We can even help with 1300 and 1800 numbers. Just let us know in the comments box below.

  • Why should I use a VoIP or SIP solution?

    VoIP and SIP solutions are a great way to keep call costs at a minimum. They are also great for call centre phone systems as they allow for a large number of calls to be made at once, reducing the limitations of traditional telephony.

  • Where in Australia can you help me set up a call centre phone system?

    We can help you anywhere in Australia. Equipment can be shipped to licensed technicians Australia wide for installation. Our providers all have phone service for your enquiries so you can get your question answered right away.


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Is it right for you?

  • Large volumes of calls
  • Few or many staff
  • Full solutions including headsets, installation and call plans
Call Centre Phone Systems